Residential Service, Install, and Maintenance

Platinum Air Systems, Inc. wants to take over your AC worries! Our dedicated team of highly training technicians work tirelessly to get your system to the Platinum Standard. Our mission is to provide Florida with the customer service that is far above the rest. Why settle for Gold when you can get Platinum?



We service all makes and models AC systems. Residential service is prompt and available 24/7! Our local team of technicians can solve most problems within an hour. Warranties can be difficult to navigate, we take care of dealing with manufacturer so you don’t have to. With over 30 years of experience leading our technicians, we are confident we can fix your AC!


Maintenance Plans

Platinum Maintenance Plan (PMP) available for all size, all makes, and all model HVAC systems. We provide a comprehensive 21 point inspection on all our Preventative Maintenance visits.

Platinum Maintenance Plan – Annual Preventative Maintenance with discounts on services rendered. 21 Point inspection

Platinum + Maintenance Plan – Biannual Preventative Maintenance with discounts on services rendered. 21 Point Inspection.

  • 1.  Measure/Check refrigerant pressures for proper levels.
  • 2.  Measure/Check refrigerant super-heat and sub-cooling temperatures.
  • 3.  Inspect all valve caps and/or seals for proper fit.
  • 4.  Measure/Check compressor start and run load amps.
  • 5.  Inspect/load test compressor start and run capacitors.
  • 6.  Inspect/load test compressor relay (contactor).
  • 7.  Measure/Check condenser fan motor run load amps.
  • 8.  Inspect/load test condenser fan motor run capacitor.
  • 9.  Inspect condenser fan for loose blades.
  • 10.  Measure/Check blower motor run load amps.
  • 11.  Inspect/load test blower motor run capacitor.
  • 12.  Inspect blower wheel for cleanliness.
  • 13.  Inspect indoor evaporator coil for the buildup of dirt and debris.
  • 14.  Measure/Check differential evaporator coil temperatures.
  • 15.  Inspect outdoor condenser coil for the buildup of dirt and debris.
  • 16.  Measure/Check differential condenser coil temperatures.
  • 17.  Check thermostat.
  • 18.  Check filter(s).
  • 19.  Inspect circuit breakers.
  • 20.  Inspect service disconnects.
  • 21.  Inspect electrical connections.