Duct Cleaning

Are you looking for commercial or residential air duct cleaning and HVAC system cleaning services? Platinum Air Systems is the right company for you! We meticulously clean residential and commercial ducts for our clients to enjoy improved, healthier, and cleaner interior air quality.
Ducts accumulate dirt and debris over time from the routine use of HVAC equipment and vented appliances. If neglected, it can cause your heating and cooling equipment to struggle harder to compensate for blockages. Routine cleaning and maintenance of filters, dust, debris, and lint removal can help eliminate potentially harmful materials in your air ventilation shafts. At Platinum Air Systems, we use state-of-the-art cleaning units to clean ducts and deliver results that homeowners and business owners deserve. Our friendly technicians do the job right the first time and take enough time to explain the process to clients.

• Residential
Improve your in-house air quality and reduce the need for pricey repairs with our expert duct cleaning services at Platinum Air. Even the best air duct systems require regular cleaning as they help improve the air your family breathes in and reduces bills. Call us anytime to enrich the quality of air and health in your home for your family.

• Commercial
We aim to provide affordable quality air duct cleaning services for our business clients. Whether it’s one-time cleaning or a quarter or annual maintenance package, we have just the right solutions for your needs. Our service standards are reliable, and we can serve all commercial organizations, including healthcare facilities, small businesses, and universities. Get in touch with us!