Why should you have a humidistat In South Florida?
You want to save money on your electric bill and you’re a snow bird.

If you live in beautiful South Florida year round you don’t need a humidistat but if you have one keep it in the ”On”* Position.

You’re leaving for an extended time before the summer heat hits South Florida. What should you set the Thermostat and the Humidistat to?
Set Humidistat between 55 – 60.
Now put the thermostat to 72 degrees.

Note: Temperature does not cause damage, but rather moisture. S0 it could be 95 degrees in your home and be okay as long as the humidity is below 60.

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), it is recommended that Florida residents keep the indoor humidity below 60 relative humidity. Mold can grow above 60.

Note: You Should have home A/C checked regularly for proper function.

If the humidity level in home is below the humidistat setting the air conditioner will not run. If humidity rises above the setting it will now check the temperature of the thermostat. If the temperature in the home is above the 72 degrees Fahrenheit the thermostat will turn the air conditioner on. The A/C will turn off if either the humidity drops below the set point or the temperature of the thermostat reaches set point.

Note: Humidity is removed by running the air conditioner. The longer the unit runs the more humidity is removed.